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Cullen officially named to the U.S. Olympic team

It was a great sight. 43 swimmers were named to the United States Olympic swim team, and Cullen was one of them. Our photos of that moment came out completely blurry, but here’s a photo of Cullen wearing his new team t-shirt (which looks very baseball-y to me. I like it.)

Cullen in US team tshirt

When Cullen’s name was announced, the stadium erupted with cheers. He’s definitely a crowd favorite, along with Dara Torres. It makes sense. They’re both beautiful, talented, and charismatic — and they both stand out from what has been thought of as the traditional swimmer. It makes me very happy that they have such great support.

We had a great interview this morning for the Morning Swim Show on Swimming World TV. I promise to let you know when it’s going to air. We have two more interviews to come — one with Jeff Commings, and one with Eddis Singleton — and then we pack our bags and fly home.

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