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From Boston to the Bronx

When we met Davidson Peguero, he was a 15-year-old swimmer at a community pool in Boston. At 17, and just going into his senior year of high school, he still loves swimming, but he’s a talented multi-sport athlete … and he’s particularly strong at baseball.

Last month Davidson tried out for — and made — the Area Code Baseball team. This is the most highly-regarded high school baseball show case in the country — scouts from all the major league teams, as well as all the major baseball colleges, will be there watching Davidson pitch and play.

Here’s a photo of Davidson before the practice today.

Davidson at Yankee Stadium

And here he is with his parents Cynthia and Roger.

Cynthia, Davidson, and Roger at Yankee Stadium

If you’re in the Long Beach area, you can go see him play from August 5 to August 10. He’ll be playing for the Yankees. Cheer him on!

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