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Julimar at New England Championships

It was a dark and stormy night ….

We drove from New York (with Frank Donaldson) to New Hampshire on Saturday morning, so we could film Julimar Avila compete at the New England 12 and under Championship meet, where she qualified in 11 events and competed in 9. Very cool for an 11 year-old in a field full of 11 and 12- year-olds.

By the time we got there on Saturday, the thunder was clapping and the wind was blowing the team tents into the cylone fencing. But still the swimmers waited, hopeful that they would get to swim in the finals that night. They didn’t.

But they did on Sunday — prelims and finals. Just as the last swimmers were reaching the end of the pool in the last finals, the thunder claps returned, and the awards ceremony was moved inside to the ice hockey arena.

Julimar had a great meet. She made finals in 6 of her 9 events, and she qualified for her first New England Swimming Open Championships — in the 400 IM. Go Julimar!!!!

Julimar at New England Championships

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