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Olympic Trials Night 3

We’re doing our best to meet as many African American and Latino swimmers as we can here at the trials. Today we met Jennifer Illescas from Asphalt Green and University of Wisconsin, John Mendoza from La Mirada Armada in La Mirada, California, and Yoelvis (Joey) Pedraza from Pine Crest School in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Jennifer is swimming the 400 meter freestyle, the 200 meter freestyle, and the 200 meter butterfly. John and Joey are both swimming the 400 meter freestyle and the 1500 meter freestyle. You can read a story about Joey by clicking here.

Here they are, at the USA Swimming Olympic Trials!

Jennifer Illescas


John Mendoza


Joey Pedraza


They all have races still to come. Cheer them on!

Today Lia swam a timed trial in the 100 meter freestyle. She bettered her time by .04 second, and she got a chance to race in the competition pool before her first event on Thursday.

Cullen swims his 100 meter freestyle preliminary race tomorrow (Wednesday) at 11 AM. He’s looking fantastic, and I think we’re going to see some lightning fast times from him this week.

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