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Olympic Trials Morning 4

Cullen swam great this morning! He posted a best time of 48:71 in the 100 meter free preliminary this morning. He placed 6 in the prelims, and advanced to the semi-finals tonight. Here’s who he’ll be in the pool with:

Garrett Weber-Gale: 47:78, Michael Phelps: 47:92, Jason Lezak: 48:15, Ben Wildman-Tobriner: 48:59, Matt Grevers: 48:63, Nick Brunelli: 48:74, Alex Righi: 48:80.

Here are two photos of him after the race — that’s me with the mic in the second photo. I’m the short one.

Cullen post 100 free prelims

Cullen production still Olympic Trials

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