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Olympic Trials Night 4

Go Cullen!!!! Cullen swam a 48:58 in tonight’s 100 freestyle semi-final. This places him 4th going into the final, which is excellent. When a reporter asked him about starting in the number 6 position and finishing in the number 4 position, Cullen smiled and said, “I like the direction this is going. 6, 4, 2…”

Tonight we met and interviewed four other African American swimmers for Parting the Waters. We met Atiba Wade, who came up on the Philadelphia Department of Recreation (PDR) team, and now swims and works in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Among many other accomplishments, Atiba was a swim double for the movie Pride. As he put it, “Pretty much any time you saw someone swimming right, that was me.”

Atiba Wade

We met Josh and Jeff Daniels — brothers from Clovis Swim Club in Central California. You can read an article about them here.

Josh and Jeff Daniels

(I am sorry those photos are so blurry.)

And we’ve had the pleasure to spend the week with Jeff Commings — a masters swimmer, journalist, and cameraman for Swimming World Magazine, from Tucson, Arizona. Speaking of Swimming World, if you go to their site, you can see a video clip of Cullen after his race this morning.

Jeff Commings

Lia swims her 100 free preliminary race tomorrow morning, and Cullen will swim his 100 free final tomorrow night. We can hear you cheering from here!

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