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Wissotzky’s Tea

Wissotzky’s Tea is a new musical, adapted from Sholem Aleichem’s comic monologue Gitl Purishkevitsh.

This is a timely piece of theater — a comic but poignant take on a mother’s extreme efforts to free her son after he is illegally drafted into the Czar’s army. (We think of the main character as the Cindy Sheehan of Jewish Russia in 1910.) Wissotzky’s Tea also touches on such timely topics as gays in the military, whether to fight the system from within or dismantle it entirely, and the soothing effects of a good cup of tea.

Audio excerpts in mp3 format:

Fighting For the Czar

I Always Get What I Want

Wissotzky’s Tea

Lyrics by Jenny Levison and Josh Waletzky
Music by Josh Waletzky
Vocals by Jeffrey Correia, Howard Emanuel, Melanie Glatman, and Brad Wilcutt